Because I said it was not a place to endlessly obsess over getting things perfect, or something like that.  On the contrary, it is a place to endlessly obsess about getting things perfect.  The thing is, you’ll get to see every single step I took to get to whatever level of perfection I finally achieve.  That means you’ll get to see the beginning.  You’ll get to see the middle. You’ll get to see the end.  Hell, you might even see me rewrite the same damned post over and over a hundred times, because that’s what’s called ‘practice.’  If you want an end product go find some other blog.  This is for drilling, for beating your head against the same concept over and over, for repeating the same thing until you’re so damned sick of it you want to scream. 

Actually, I envision this as more of an example.  If you want this blog in a nutshell, repeat the tired old trend of Thomas Edison, who made umpteen gazillion different filaments for the lightbulb until he finally stumbled across one that worked.  The world only cares about the lightbulb, but it took all that effort, all those failed trials, to get there.  All of that effort is completely hidden. 

Most of the time, we try to show our best face to the world.  We don’t want to show anything unless it is the best, unless it is great, unless it works.  So everything we see is polished, perfected, glossy, and functional.  This gives people a false impression of how the world works:  we only ever see the best of everything. 

And that’s fine:  As a consumer, I certainly don’t give a shit how many tries it took Thomas Edison to create the lightbulb- I don’t see the effort, and I don’t care about it.  I care that the light works. I want the shelves of Wal-mart filled with working, polished goods, not the first bit of crap that popped into someone’s head. 

This sets up a huge psychological problem, though, for the people who create our shit: how do you stay motivated when people only care about results?  Nobody else will give a two farts in a brown paper bag about how long it took you to come up with something if you can’t figure out a way to make it mean something to them.  All of the work is completely meaningless to a consumer. 

But that’s where I, as  creator, spend all of my time.  That time means something to me. 

The crap creates the good stuff.

No, nobody else should care about the crap I had to go through to get skills, to get jobs, to get money, to get creative.  But everybody spends huge portions of their lives wading through crap to find the on thing, the one accomplishment, that means something to them.  And I think it does us all a disservice to pretend that the huge pile of failures, of discards, never existed. 

So I am going to occupy this little corner of the internet, and showing, in excruciating, unedited, repetitive, dull detail, exactly how much work it takes to do something…anything.

Folks, I am the 99%.