At the top of my blog, I see a new post button.  I click on it.  WordPress kindly drops down a new post dialog from the top.  Thank you WordPress!  I type in glorious words of wisdom and click publish post.  WordPress tells me my post is published! Yay WordPress yay! 

Here’s where I ran into trouble.  It asks me, “Post published.  View Post?”  Why, yes, WordPress, I would indeed like to view my post.  My wonderful post of philosophical insights which will clearly bring world peace or start the next world war.  So I click on view post and it opens a new tab, and takes me to view the lovely lovely words I have written.   

Now this is the specific moment where everything went terribly wrong.  I viewed my post, got bored immediately because I’d seen it all before, and went back to the previous tab, where the words “Post Published: View Post”  were located.  Below was my blog, although I did not see the new post in it.  However, I went and clicked the new post button at the top of the blog.  When I did, it took me back to the post I had just typed up.  WHAT?  Hmm, I reasoned, perhaps it didn’t actually post anything.  So I hit the publish post button a couple more times, and clicked the view post link, and the new post would show up on the new page, but the blog on the old page stubbornly refused to change. 

Until I went to the new link deleted everything but at the top, and found that yay!  I have three repeated posts.  Wonderful. See, you’re supposed to only click on new post from the top of the new page that opens. You are not supposed to go back to the old page and attempt to use it to make another new post. 

I can imagine me having ten wordpress tabs open, all lined up in a row, because I can only make a new post from the new tap that was opened. I’m not sold on this workflow.

I’m also not going to try and explain it any clearer than that, because this is a blog of crap, not a place to endlessly obsess over getting everything perfect.