The internet is 99.99% crap.  This blog is 100% crap.  You know why?  Because if I do, by chance, manage to come up with an idea that is worth something to someone, I’ll stick it in my nice pretty portfolio with my nice pretty images that completely conceal the fact that I’ve spent the vast majority of my time in this earth screwing up royally.  This is where the bad pictures, the amature efforts, the crap code, and all of the learning, the suffering, the blood sweat and tears will go.  This is where the human bits go. My portfolio can pretend that this stuff never happened, and any future employers can pretend that I sprang fully formed from the brow of Zeus. But internet, you and I know better. 

Welcome to unfiltered, unspellechecked, uncensored, unclean, undeveloped, uninteresting, un-unique crap.