• Open textastic
  • Download persist.js
  • See if it works

Ok. Data does not persistbetween instances of textastic’s built-in browser.  That beggs the question off how that browser works.  See, i was assuming that it was calling an instance of safari and using it to test webpages! So whatever safari could do, textastic could do. However, i guess it would make sense to not allow data to persist between testing sessions.  

It does not persist between testing sessions.  

So itlooks like i am not going to be able to a local .  Hmm.  You kne, if i’m going to develop on annipad, i should make sure i can make local webapps.  

Hmm.  It seEms there are ways to make local web-appp.  Although i may not be able to test the persistant storage aspect of it.  

Actually:  here’s a workflow:  


WordPress, your ipad interface leaves much to be desired.

I make my app in textastic.  I sync it with dropbox.  I copy the public dropbox link.  I view it in safari, and i  use the save page to home functioanlity for offline browing.  Ok.  Let’s test it.  Ugh.  This looks like a huge pile of documention about developing offline apps to swim through.  

So, in order to develop an offline app, i need to do something called creating a manifest file.  I add an attribute to the html tage called manifest <html manifest=”pathname”>. That tells safari where the manifest file is located, and Safari looks at the manifest in order to tell what resources to load.  


Hmm.  Wordpress, oce agan you are buggy as hell.

Figured out how to save web pages to home screen.  You click on the square icon with the right arrow and click Add to home screen.  Yay!  

Now i will test the persist.js test page on my home screEeen. 

Ok.  That is a weid-ass safari bug.  It’s showing me a text of the html file test.html insead of the page.  

Ohh… If i click download it turns into a wepage.  

Good to know.  Now to save it tomy homepage.So, when being served by dropbox, the test page does not even put anything into local storage.  Could this be because of problems uploading files to dropbox?

It says persist type is none.  The test page tells us what type of storage a brower has-is it implying that safari has no local storage? Or, once again, is this a dropbox problem?  


Textastic has a variety of local storage.