So I tidyied up the house, moved my stuff to a new room and made myself some bacon and a big-assed salad. Took a good hour and a half. This falls under the category of things brain-dead easy things to do that I nevertheless don’t like doing because my brain mind-fucks me into thinking that there are more important things I could be doing with my time. Many times i will try to multi-task by doing something mindless while working on a particularly fascinating problem. The problem is that even mindless things like cooking and moving stuff requires a certain amounnt of conventration.

I remember reading somewhere that hand gestures trigger memory. I hav a theory that hand gestures where yu do something related to the memory you are trying to trigger helps trigger the memory. What if yur gestures have nothing to do the memory you are trying to trigger? What if, instesd, it’s corollated with a ton of other memories? That means that while you are trying to work on a particular problem and do a menial chore at the same time, the two had better be related, because otherwise you’ll lose your thought or you’ll stop doing the chore.

Which could explain why i’m nore likely to remember shoveling snow when I’m sweep,ing than my mental model of the collatz conjecture. In fact, the repetative motions of cleaning usually means i get a bunch of repetative thoughts going. In particular, today’s mantra was “the easy stuff will get done anyway.” with that loud, insistsnt thought running though my head, i was able to brush over any guilt i felt about ignoring far more pressing responsibilities.

The stupid thing about those pressing responsibilities is that none of them really are.

On the oth hand, what if you could pull a miyagi and have the chores you do relate directly to your field of study- whatever it is? The memory palace is a mnemonic device that allows you to store items by mentally putting them in a certain place. If the place your storing them happens to be a physical place like an apartment, then you can do things lie clean your aparment while pwalking through your memory palace.

Unforunately, i have not made anynmemory palaces out of my apartment, so mundane tasks still take a crapton of time, are still mindless and still suck up part of my daily concentration budget.

On the other hand, the apartment now looks nice.