The problem with a complete lack of confidence is that it leads to a stuttering, slurred speech as I try to force words out of my mouth too fast for my toungue to shape them. So many ideas, so little time.

The other problem is that sometimes i completely blank out on what i’m supposed to say next. I forget. Long pauses stretch out. Nervousness floods in. I am consumed with medeocrity.

On the other hand, despite a tied tongue, I managed to set up a meetup event. I also managed to find the people I was supposed to meet up with after an initial awkward moment.

Party is now planned, and i will have people to talk javadcript with. Good enogh for going on with.

I also iscoveredit is somewhat impossible to talk and walk at the same time in the city if you are walking faster thn anyone else. Me and pops took a raher quick stroll, and our conversation went jn fits and starts as we odged around people.

Hmm. It’s a but difficult, but I say- what is the balance between talking about myself to the random internet and talking about other people? I mean, i have a right to talk about myself all day long, but other people?

That seems like censoring myself for other people, which I do all damned day.

So what do I really want to say about how the meeting went? It went great. We did what we set out to do. I can now party like a rock star.

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