Much as i’d love to sit here all day, dry gin in hand, just in time to meet the love of my life as he walks through the door, i must instead prepare for a meeting.

1. Know the names of the people I’m meeting. Check.
2. Know what we need to discuss:

three things: what, where, and when.
The what is a javascript hack night. I really need to out to find out when other coding events are in chicago. Short answer. There are lots.

Now, one thing I really need to know is my schedule. Actually. I need to know where my train ticket is. Found train tickets. Have enough money to get there.

Ok. Now, what if i run out of power? Should pack a charger. And I need my Iphone so I can get and send messages.

I forget what they look like. I’ll probably recognize the person when they walk in.

As far S getting there goes, let’s memorize the route get on at the sunshine state, get off at sad george, and walk to minutes old bambi. Mythology is great.

Wohoo- the L comes fairly often- every four to ten minutes. I’ll get there in plenty of time.

In short: we’ll get there and plot.