So, WordPress, you want me to update my title? Fair enough.  My blog does not begin to encompass the depth ofmediocrity this blog effortlessly delivers with the stroke of every key.  I shall entitle it something is ritten I. Denmark.  Andfirst I will turn off the damned autogorrect.  

There.  The autocorrect is now off and i can thpe like a normal human being.  I am pleased to see that WordPressworks on the ipad.  


Hmm.  When i go to you automatically assume i want to makw a new post.  I do not wish to make a new post.  I wish to change my blog name. When i first logged in, you showed me the dashboard.  


Ok, und manage my logs i made i. so i could email stream of conciousness directly to myself.  What a wonderful idea!

I still havE no idea how to change the title of my blog.  But i did find the about page, although i don’t remember whe.  


Yes.  I put up a longwinded about page.  I suppose i should plut up an obscenity warning.  Eh.  Fuck that.  I’m optimising before i need to .  

No, what i really need is to change the title on my blog.  

Dashboard settings general settimgs 

Got a title done.  Now I’moung to conten’t block.  

Now payng attention.  

Camelcase:  means that the line loooks like the humpsOnACamel

How do i do the obscenity stuff?