Things i am not caring about:  

  • My psonal fantasty to built my boss a website in two days so he’ll be impressed and grateful with my work
  • The two new pimples thst just showed up today
  • The three doctor’s appointments snd an emissions check i need to schedule
  • My meeting st 3:30
  • The fact that life is nasty, brutish, and short
  • The skittles vendor down the street
  • The fact thst my brother just woke up and wouldn’t it be nice to make him some bacon and eggs befo he has to work?  

  • Things I sm caring about: 
  • Javascript


Ok.  Since I’m caring about javascript, what particular aspect of javascript should I care about?  I am building a website called islike, where i can store my favorite analogies.  In order to do that, ai need some sort of persitant dats store.  So I wm going to see if persist.js works on my ipad.  

To quote bon jovi, ” It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not”