It’s disturbing how lost I feel without the internet.

Let us focus my idle thoughts. People don’t like the unexpected. Instead, the like the familiar. We lik things to stay the same, forever and always, lost in sultifying boredom.

Actuarial fantasy.

So now it’s time to let my idle fantasies run rampant. How about a short story where every section the POV character dies?

Or a ghost story where the ghosts are hunting the hospital where they died because they want to stop trips to the emergency room for old age?

The crowd of ghosts flooded the square, carrying ectoplasmic placards like “Dead to Rights” and “death with dignity.”
“What on earth do you want?”. Said the congressman.
“We don’t want our children to have o o through what we did.” said the ghost. “I should have died at home, not the hospital bed.”
“What do you want me o do about it?” said the congressperson.
“Before they graduate, every school-age student should sign a certificate

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