When I wake up in  the morning, that ‘s when I have the most energy.   Thatis my cue to do the thing that is mozt challenging.  QSpecifically, i should do the thing that is most challenging.  Sometimes i have trouble telling what the most challenging thing is.  I have a gazillion projects that all demand my attention:  which one is the most important? Which one is the hardest?  

I make a list of the five projects that are the most exciting, and therefore the onex i always put off in favor of doing some boring bullshit like wash dishes or read cracked.com srticles.  No, the resdo. I avoid the fun things is because they sre challenging, i don’t k ow how to do them, and since. Don’t know how to do them I’m afraid people will think I’m a stupid worlThless moron for not being able to figureout how to draw a realistic face. Because the things thst are the mostimportat are usually the ones i want to turn into some sort of job or csreer.  

So ibave five things:  javadcript, fractal art, learning to draw, gling paleo, and improving my memorY. Five things is still more than 1.  I use these five things to procrastinate o. Doing the rest.  See,when i sit down to learn some javascript, my brain immeditwtely thingsk wtf are you doing?.. Yiu need to be working on your fractal store, not wasting your time doing shit you don’t know.  And when i messwith fractals, my brian thingks this is boring.  You needto be concentrating on something people will actualy hi you to do.  And when i start learning to draw, my brain tries to dismiss it as lessi portant than improving my memory, because if i could draw things from memory, i wouldn’t need to spend so much rime staring st strangers and creeping them thehell out.  The result?  Every one of. Y most important things get dumped infavor of doing dishes, because i can do dishes and mentallyyell at myself for not doing i portant things at the same time, while concentrating on javascript and tearing myself a new one don’t exactly go together.  So  how do I propritize?  Do the hardest one first.  The onethat requires the most clncentration.  

And Which one is the ahrdest?  I think about all five, and it’s the one thst my hindbrain instantly tries to convince me thst any of the other four would be a better investment.  

So his morning we are doing javascript