Ok. The first step is to break it down into managable chunks.

And no, I don’t need a shower right now. Quit avoiding the hard work.

The book’s title is

There are ten sections to Building iphone apps with html, css, and javascript.”

In order to memorize ten sections, I am going to need a memory palace with ten locations. How about a hotel int the shape of a decagon? Insie it has a circular hallway leading into nine rooms. The tenth space is the lobby.
Outside in the parking lot is a giant sign with a giant iphone whose screen says “vacancy.”. Over the front lintel is a sighn that says welcome to stark hotel and a mask of iron man because the man who wrote the book’s name is johnathan stark and Iron Man is tony stark.

Ok, we have the Starker’s motel, and going into the hotel we see none other than Tony Stark’s pretty assistant, Pepper. She has a really pretty face, and it only makes sense that she would symbolize the preface. In fact, the ceptioniat is not all of pepper- it’s just a giant, anamatronicnface tony built one day when he was bored. It looks pretty intimidating and creepy, like the face of Bo.

Welcome, it says.

Avoiding the gigantic creepy face, we go to the right-hand hallway, to a room marked ch. 1: getting started. That’s not very memorable, you think.
On the other hand, the huge pile od newspaper, egg-carton pieces filled with candle wax and dryer lint, small sticks, and larger blocks of wood piled Round the door certainly are, as is the grinning red-haired child with the slit match about to set the whole thing ablaze. There is a distinct stench of gasoline, and the chld smiles unpleasently and says, “we’re just getting started, aren’t we?”

Yeah, that’s memorable.

We shrug and go to the next room-iron man will surely take care of the flames

There we see an iphone with elaborate bulbous boufont getting it’s it’s hair curled by a large white rubber square holding a red-hot baseball bat. Oh, we think, that is clearly “Basic Iphone Styling.”

Moving on , we see the next room is marked advanced iphone styling. Umm. This is a tricky one. Advance is a vey abstract concept.
So, how about a bunch of ants carrying a giant advil around? Actually, a giant and shaking a bottle of advil over an iphone’s luxurious corn-rows- how is that for advanced iphone styling?

You shudder as you pass the pheremone stench of ant and hairspray, and in front of the next room you see wako, yako, amd dot. They have just realized they are cartoons and and can be drawn howevere someone wants, so the animaniacs hace started drawing eachother doing hilarious things. Dot is drawing wacko who is drawing a mustash o a sleeping yakko who is scretly giving dot an afro, snd they are singing a catchy luttly ditty called animation is just for fun.

Woof. If you want to talk about abstract concepts, lets talk about client-side data storage. How do I make this an amusingly concrete and memorable image? Data. Data the android from star trek. Data is trying to shove a side of beef into his locker. It’s not going so well. Client sounds like Clint. Data calls his friend Clint Eastwood to help shove his side of beef-which i envision as basically half a cow- into this teeny little storage locker. Client-side data storage.

Al right. Our next hotel room in our circular hallways is going off-line. A tightrope walker is falling over the side of his tightrope into niagra falls. Hmm. Is at as me orable as my brother falling off the slack line onto his ass? We’ll go with mu brother, the slack line, and the reen green grass outside our house, and a memerable thump as his posterior meets the greenery, andnhimsqeaeing as I snicker. For extra verve, let us have him fall onto the wifi router, shattering it to pieces and depriving us of internet. The crunch is particularly loud, like chewing a dry cracker next to someone’s ear.

In my most offensive imagry to date, i shall have me weilding a spear and yodling, and saying “how” like a bad stereotype of a native american. Let’s add a feathered headdress. Is racism in a good cause still racism? while my native country thee.

Hmm. For some reason hat image isnt’t sticking. Damn it, the racism isn’t helping. Now, there’s a book called going native about a guy who is sent to vietnam to fight. He got on well with the locals qnd went on a buffalo hunt with them, and they gave him a bracelet as a make of respect. He smoked weed once when doing a climbing drill and nedarly seriously injured himself, and had sex with a pair of beautify women in the warm seas off the shore of cambodia. Ok, I remember thst. On the cover is a guy i. The jungle wearing a helmet green helmet coved in brush, face painted camfolauged. I’ll have that actuall scene replace the door to the going native room, and show the bracelets thwt the vietnemese gave him circling the wrist holding hi rifle, and the large letters of the title floating over his head.


Ok- sumbitting is veeery memorable. And here’s the dirty little secret about memorizing shit- you remember sexy images. And our girl with an iphone for a head wearing a dog collar and a ball gag bent over while walmart does indescribably with an apple to her, doggy style, is very memorable. I do not apologize.

Hmm. For memorizing puropses, i don’t need an index, so we’re just going to memorize nine things. Let’s see how well I do.

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