Just took a shower. Now lets see how much I remember

Iphone hotel: developing apps with html, javascript, css
Tony Stark outside: written by Jonathan Stark
lobby: Pepper’s gian face: preface.
Go right, first room. Child burning it down: getting started.
Iphone with a bulbous bufont getting her hair styled by first be with a baseball bat: basic Iphone Styling
Iphone with with cornrows gretting it braided by a bllack ant while a red and shakes advil over head: advanced iphone styling The animaniacs drawing eachother: animation
Brow falling off slack line onto giant wifi and shattering it into little tiny pecies: going offline Cover of viewnam book come to life: going native
Data and clint easwoood pushing half a cow into a tiny storage locker: client side data storage
Girl with an iphone for a head getting ravishe doggy-style by walmart with an spple: submitting your app to the i-store

Shoot. I got them out of order.

That’s the trouble with using memory palaces that are regular and not based on a real place with distinguishing features. You rely on the previous memory to trigger the next memory, instead of suing the location to trigger cue.

So we need to add some symbols to the memory that represent the order they are supposed to go in. How about the ten doctors?

The first doctor is trying to pvent the child of flame from getting this party started.
The second doctor is totally down with styling hair with a baseball bat, since his hair looks like it is styled by a baseball bat anyway.
The tall and gangling third doctor is braiding the iphone’s hair while a giant ant tosses advil like wedding rice at them both.
The scarf-wrapped fourth doctor is using his scarf like a lasso to try and corall the three animaniacs.
The ever-helpful fifth doctor gets out his cricket bat and helps clint and data shove their side of beef into the storage locker
The obnoxiously-dressed sixth doctor tries and fails to grab my brother befo he tumbles on to the giant wi-fi
The diminutive eighth doctor uses his question-marked-shaped cane to grab the gun of the jungle-painted braceleted warrior on the cover of going native,
The eighth doctor is defending the rights of consenting adults from the giant black box that wishes to erase the spectacle of a perfectly consenting, gagged iphone being imaginatively pleasured by a walmart wielding an apple.

Does that help me keep them all in order?

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