Last night was regrettable. Instead of doing anything useful I watched Farscape for four hours. I simply am not happy unless i am learning or moving toward some goal. I missed an opporunity to hang out with my roommates and go shopping because I was “Too tired,” and went to bed instead of learning ruby code. Yay regrets!

Anyhow, screw last night.

This morning I have energy- that means I am going to do something useful. Because I am going to do something useful, I will have no cause to regret partying the rest of the day away with my family when they come at noon. So what am I going to do with my first hour?

I am going to read mobile development with html, css, and javascript.

Once again, it doesn’t make a differenxe if I learn anything or not.

Things I am not caring about

Naked Sherlock holmes
Last nights’s missed opportunities
How good I am.
Th starburst jellybeans on the counter
Defragging my computer
My complete lack of money.