With that nailed down, let’s go to the preface nd see if there’s anything important there

The most importan thing to remember about developing an app for the iphone is that it’s risky, difficult, and crappy. Apple inserts itself like a particularly uncommunituve manager in the middle of the process, and can make youbwait momths or years for approval

Ok. I totally rabbit-holed for a bit there. The internet confirmed my opinion that the app store development process is something to be avoided at all costs.




Insight: my subconcious is bassically apple’s app store approval process. It delays things, makes it damned hard to get anything done, and results in frustratingly low quality work.

Hw oes it go? If you want to get anything done, fail faster? Great. This blg is totally helping me fail at a rste of twelve posts per day.

Yay failure!

Anyway, do I rememver what i memorized this morning? I would say…

Developing apps for the Iphone with html, css, and javascript.

1. Getting started
2. Basic iphone styling
3. Advanced iphone styling
4. Animation
5. Client side data storage
6. Going offline
7. Going native
8. Submitting your app to the istore

Wohoo! I remember titles.

And i remember Avoid approval at all costs. In fact, I do believe th’s wgat I’m doing here!

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