Don’t try too hard: words of wisdom from my totally awesome mum, regarding me attempting to memorize eighties slang for my birthday party/ murder mystery dinner.

Playing dressup is fun.

Deep down inside, I am competitive. The bad thing about having a winner is that there are losers, and I hate being a loser. The problem with hating being a loser and not putting enough work into being a winner is that I become afraid to try. Yoda was a moron. There is only the try. Success or failure doesn’t matter. Only the attempt. The failures will always outnumber the sucesses by about ten billion to one. But you will never find the successes without the tries.

How to not care if I lose? Hmm. Specifically, how do I prevent the lsing from stopping?

Amd winning is no better. So I won. Shit. I have to win again and again nd gain.

So the winning doesn’t matter. The losing doesn’t matter. Anyway, we spend most of the time trying. It makes more sense to figure how how to make trying the important bit.

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