I want to learn how to pair program effectively. My brother did that by sacrificing his peojects in order to learn how to pair effectively. As a result, he’s great at pairing, but doesn’t have a project of his own.

But I can’t be Sherlock. Without good people skills, I can’t attract people to my own prorjects. Hmm. Tradeoffs. I sm unlikely to find someone who wants to learn exactly what I’m learning the way I want to learn it. We speak two different languages, and i don’t know enough Ruby to help him….no, it’s just that I’m not interested in enough ruby to help him. Font end, back end, god. The provlem with

Of course, Bro just solved the problem. i wish to learn javascript, he wishez to learn javascript. Problem solved.


Lesson: open by big fat mouth and make a suggestion.

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