If you want to succeed more, double your rate of failure. Great. Let us create a giant steaming pile of crap and shovel it out into the internets. Here’s the thing: people will pay for your successes. But those successes come with a whole steaming pile of failure. They have to support all of the misfires, all of the wring turns, all of the learning curves, all the sports and wrong turns of nature.

Goddamn, I’m a negative person. A chamelon. I adopt the opinions and beliefs of the people around me, a sort of emotional camoflauge. Of course, the weird thing is that there are different aspects of my personality that complement the people I tend to hang around. How can I support them? How can I help out? How do I do this?

As a result, I, I don’t particularly believe strongly in any one thing. I believe strongly in many things, and have the concentration of a mayfly. Singleminded assholes like steve jobs, momson, or the fictional sherlock holmes are successful because a they believe, passiontely, in what they sre selling,and discredit anyone who disagrees.

So what can I believe in strongly, more strongly than anything else in the world? What force is more powerful than anything else? And what will. Be doing more of than anything else in my life?

Failing. Clearly.

So it will be orth my while to create an unshakable, inbreakable belief in failure.

I believe in fail. Embrace the fail. I make love to and have a dozen children by the fail. I condider my life not worth living f i’m not failing. Success can suck my non-existant dick.

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