Now, let’s kick the ass of codecademy.

Confirm box
Alert box
How to use the console

The difference between a variable and a literal: a variable is the actual thing, all typed out. “My Full Name” is a string literal. A variable is something that stands for something else.

You can think of a varable as a voodoo doll and a literal as the acual person. What you do to the voodoo doll is cone to the actual person, in the same way what you do to a variable actually affects the variable.

Saving substrings: save them to variables
Search and destroy

Make everything uppercase

Notes: I have a reading problem. When reading somehting boring, like codecademy javascript programming, I do not retain anything I have learned. Challange: stop skimming.

Challange asscepted. I set a variable. Woot.

Once again, i forgot that arrays start counting from zero.

Code cademy. Howdo we learn? How do I pair? Answer: just ducking ask. Building relationships is just as fun as coding.

Proposed javascript toy to roomate. Proposal bot axcepts. But other peeson wanted to pair. Success!

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