Ok. Codecademy sucks.

That’s a bit harsh. Code academy is frustrating because…how do i express this? Right: it teaches magic incantations. As far as I have seen, people learn how to use different bits of javascript withot knowing how it works.

Hmm. Do I really have anything against magic spells? Um. Not really. Well. Actually, yes I do. Magic spells are unmemorable. Specifically, if you don’t understand something, if you don’t know how or why it works, it becomes impossible to remember. For example: scientists had people watch a abaseball game, and the. Asked them to recall what happened. They tested poeple who a big fans and people who had never seen a game. The people who had nev seen a game had more luck recalling the weather than the plays- they simply did not know where to look. I’d be willing to bet that they wouldn’t know that there were three outs for each team before they switched. The people who we huge fans knew the structurer of the inning, and could give a blow by blow account of it.

So the trouble with magic spells without context is that next week you won’t remember a darned bit lf javascript. Memory does not persist without review, without work, and codecade y gives out branches wintout work. Dare I say it, without drills.

So how would I advocate teaching javascript? Hell, I have no idea. However, I would like to try memorizing the important bits, and see if that makes me a better programmer faster. Or rather, if it makes me a programmer at all. I haven’t notably had much success in that area.

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