Ok, this morning I am not caring about anything but getting Ruby up and running on my desktop machine.


Good. My command prompt is now pinned to my task bar.

Installed ruby,
Installed gvim
Ran my first ruby program.

I can’t get up and running easily. Let’s add vim to the path. http://banagale.com/changing-your-system-path-in-windows-vista.htm It only took an hour, but vim is now added to the command pathway.

Shit. Are cereal again. Damn you crunch berries.

Thank you stack overflow for !ruby %, which executes the current ruby file you are working on.

All right, I am set up to do the Bastard’s ruby book. Let’s go. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/953398/how-to-execute-file-im-editing-in-vim

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