“I suppose I was showing off, Master.” Jasca.

“How will I know good when I see it?”
“Easy. Make good, and the bad will come.”.
“Use only the good parts and tape over the bad.”.
“What shall we give up?”.

1. Good parts: become better by using the good and avoiding the bad. What does it profit your soul if you do speak rightly. I shall teach you words of wisdom. Words to speak. Words that will come when you call them, words that shall serve you in extremity.
How shall we know evil, unless we have done it? I say unto thee, ye shall not know evil if ye do it. You will recognize evil when it is done to you.
How can you build something good out of bad parts? Would you build a house for your children out of sewage? Would you sail a ship made from rotten wood? How can you build with bad tools. Would you use a teaspoon to move a ton of dirt?

No group can remove imperfections. But you can. I depend on that shit. Heap more features. Rely on the good parts. Have to know what good is.

What did I mean to say? Gradually we become more transparent.

2. Grammar-
3. Objects
4. Functions-
5. Inheritance-
6. Arrays-
7. Regular expressions-
8. Methods-
9. Style-
10. Beautiful Features-

What it is. What it is called.
Good parts- how can you build something good with bad parts? Grammar- right speech
Objects- Mutable keyed collections
Functions- fundamental modular unit of javascript. Used to specify the behavior of objects Inheritance-objects inherit from other objects. Borrow from what came begore. Arrays-order. Array is an object
Regular expressions-


How shall you do good? Avoid the bad. How can you build something good with bad parts? Speak rightly. Always have good grammar
What do we do with things of value? We place them in locked boxes,mand carry the key around our necks. What if we collect a great deal? Make a bank. It is good to have everything you need- it is far better to have only what you need. Keep your house in order. Collect good things, and carry a key to remember where you put them.
Functions: objects without action is death. Action without order is chaos. Action with order is function.
Where would we be without our parents? If we have not what we need, let us borrow from those who came before. Let us use our inheritance wisely. Arrays: let us number the stars, and keep them all in order.
Regular expressions: how do we reognize good when we see it? How shall we test?

How shal we order and organize?

Mayfly, mayfy, where is your persistance?

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