8 Spider + 2
8 grammar spider
9 number pad
Array 10
Function 1
Number 4
Object 1
Regexp 2
String 17

Here is a mental trick. I will fear later. I will wallow dispair later. I will measure my progress later. Meaning is what you find agter you have all the data and analized it, not before. Post mortems.

You buildy on what o’ve git. Ou don’t twar it all down and start over.

This next hour’s sprint.

I will have doubts later.

You truly do not know something until you can explain it to someone else.

You can’t use what you don’t know, and you on’t know what is useful ahead of time. So get learning.

You cannot understand what you do not know.

You can still only do one thing do a time. When you speak

I will not ask how it is useful. I will just do it.

I am memorizing javascript the good parts because I have a theory that having the information instantly availible will allow me to code better. Being able to visualize what I want in my head befor I even start a project: being able to, as artists say, draw what I see: will make me more efficient and more confident, and allow me to tnk and test things in my head. You do not rmember what you don’t understand, so having a good, visual memory- and not just a series of reflexes- allows me to explain.

Fine. Lazy and dumb.

Top-level is a spider.
The Spide-monk.
Your mouth can only speak one word at a time.

“It was beautiful. It was terrifying.”
The spider
“Welcome to the spider temple.” Novice Jasca.

“Grammar?” the monk said. “Grammer isn’t important at all. It is merely beautiful.”

Smallest possible thing.
Giant black spider temple. Radiating off into a leg. What is the biggest hangup when confronted by the word grammar? Good enough. Good enough is perfect.

Why must I know perfect speach?

Speak rightly or you will not be understood. Fear of being wrong. Come, my child. You must speak rightly or you will not be understood. You must soeak wrongly in order to speak rightly.

The seven dwarves and the

We dress strangely so that we can remember.

Snow white and the seven dwarves on a train.

The spider. The first leg has snow white and the seven dwarves on a train. Welcome to the temple of the spider. You must learn to speak. Names are important. What are the names of these dwarves?

First, there is snow white. The dwarves a named “Names” “Numbers” “Strings” “Statements” “Expressions” “Literals” “Functions”

“All right.” said the monk. “Walk into a room. Look at the table. There are many things on the table. Look away. What did the table look like. No, don’t try ti speak. Use your hands to tell me.”.
See, you drew with your hands ad you know that the table-top was eound, about this high, had a circumferenxe, ans you got down on your kneesandshowed me thst instead of having four leg, the table had a central trunk from which stabilizing legs projected out like the roots of a tree.

So even though you could not describe it to me, you knew how much space the table took up. Even though you could not say in words what the table looked like, you knew exactly how much space it took up.

Have you ever lost your keys, and then tried to find them again? Closed your eyes, mimed putting them down, an walked back through your memories? I’ll bet your memories are not sharp, high-difinition movies. Instead, it’s a blur of impressions, of shapes in space.

That’s because space is the easiest thing for us to comprehend. We may bot be able to make out details, we make get thinga laughably weong, and you may not rember what the thing was that was taking up space, but you remember it. Have you ever has the sensation of knowing exactly where a thing was, but not what it was? Humans are good at space. Yiuncan see the surroundings, so you know it’ssupposed to be there, but the there is a blank? That is space.

Snow white is whitespace. She is the space between. You may never memb what something is, what it looks like. But you do remember where that something was in space. It’s how you can find the bathroom in the dark. It’s how you can tell an amature drawing from a professional. Whitespace lets us break up our thoughts into little bits that we can locate in space. You may not remember what what said, but you probably remember where in on the page it was written.

This is why space is like a beautiful women. Space is memorable, locations are memorable, even if the details are not.

When we talk to the spider goddess, we use spaces. When is it easier to find your friend: when she is the only person in a room, or at a party with a hundred others? Good space makes things recogniable, easily found.

Space has a railroad. What does it look like? You can only listen to one person at a time. And hiu can only speak one word from your mouth at once. A railroad may have many stations, and many different tracks, but a train can only ride a single track at a time.

In fact, that is how the spider goddess understands what you tell her. She has a whole long railroad.

Say your name is john, and i was writing you. Letter. Dear John, 8 say.

When I start writing John, I start at station J. Then i go to station O. Then I go to station h. Then i go to station N. together, the stations I visited spell out John.

What if I said ‘Dear Jxmn?’. You wouldn’t understand me. Yiu were expecting John. In your head, you don’t have a path built saying my name is Jxmn, and i spell that Jxmn. So if I write Jxmn, yiur train of understanding sees the J, it expects an o next, and if it gets an x instead, your train jumped the track of understanding.

Snow whitespaxe ans the seven dwarves. Names. Numbers. Strings. Statements. Expressions. Literals. Functions.

The spider goddess does not need whitespace. She just needs a single thread of instructions that she can weave into a program. You don’t see a spider make a thread by pooping out little bits of silk, do you? No- she makes one, long, continuous thread. No, we have to break up the stream into little chunks we can understand and feed to her bit by bit.

Space is undstanding. Space is order.

For our spider goddess, space is to be ignored. So what stations do we have on the railroad? We have the space bar. We have the tab, and we have the line break.

We feed the spid god little bits like kibble. Two roads diverged in an wood and I traveled along one of them. I didn’t bust out and go cross-country because I have actual work to do. All right.

Snow whitspace. Whitespace is the stuff just for us humans, along with comments.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? It’s much easier to do something, given two choices rather than two million. Names.



I know exactly how to speak. Memorizing? Constructions?

Whitespace is for us. Snow whitespace.

Knowing names is really important.
Knowing how to count is important.
No strings attatched. Silly string.

I go into a room and see Snow White. Spread around the room are several dwarves, each playing with their own railroad track.

Snow stands in the center, each with her own track. Why is this room so big? It is the white room. Where is it easier to find your.

When you read out load, do you talk inacontinuouslinelikethis, or. Do. You. Actually. Put. Pauses. Between. Every. Word.

The spider goddess does not need the pauses. The whitespace is for us humans.

Whitespace can be defined as everything that is ignored by the spider goddess. So what does the spider goddess ignore?

While it make look like nothing, whitspace is actually something.

The spider goddess ignores four things. Spaces. Tabs. Line breaks. And comments. Whitespace gives us enough space to be able to igore what’saeound it and focus on the important bit.

What does whitespace’s railroad look like?
Four branches. Space, Tab, line break. Loop back to the beginning.

Comments are any character // any character +line-break

Block comments are not safe.

Don’t use /* for commenting out lines of code, becuase regexes use those lines of code.

Spider goddess doesn’t need this. I don’t need it. But you do. If it helps you communicate bett than me, then by all means do it. Whitepace and comments.
The seven dwarves. These arethe parts that syntax is made of. Everyday events become rediculously memorable.

Snow white and the seven dwAves

Name dwarf.

Snow-whites goal is to make things readable for us poor humans and to let th spider know exactly what she can ignore. Whitespace is usually insignificant, but sometimes necessary to tell what the parts are.

Names: a name’s goal is for humans and java to be able to tell different things apart. How do you tell two girls apart? One is Betty and the other is Carol. They have names.
Names can contain letters, numbers, and underscore. Names cannot start with an underscore.

Dwarf einstein has numbers.
Snow Whitespace
Ellis Island Dwarf. The bible story, dale carnige.
Pwarf jew from numbers: charlie epps.
String : sentences are like spaghettie, they go in a string. String cheese dwwarf

Statement: tienamann square tank man statement is making a statement.
Statement dwarf is complicated. Statement is the smallest standalone element of a Expression dwarf
Prefix dwarf

What you can say limits what you can do. If you understand what it is possible for you to say, and realize that the spider goddess will do it, you begin to get somehwhere.

Statements. so I am making a statement.

Snow whitespace.
Dwarf love of names. The name doctor
Number the stars. Number the beaches. Number the sand. Funny thing about numbers- they are all one object. Javascript does not represent 1.1 very well. So you have to represent money as an integer.

Strings. Strings are great. Strings are good.

Producingcrap. Ship crap. Do it.

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