I am grateful to shopify for this. http://www.shopify.com/partners/apps. Do you realize how much thought and attention it takes to make something easy and usable? I appreciate it, Shopify. Ok. It seems like the first step is to create a partner account.

To sign up for the partner account, you sign up here. https://app.shopify.com/services/partners/signup
Worries: what if I don’t have a good website? Will they reject my artner application?
Nope! They just let you do it! I love a site that gets out of yiur way and lets you do things! How wonderful!

To get back to the shopify partners site, go to https://app.shopify.com/services/partners/auth/login

So here’s something mildly terrifying. Choice: do I do a test shop or a n affiliate shop? This is where too many choices come into play. I’m going to do a test shop. Why? Because i want to build a theme. I’m not going to care about money. Speaking of which, I found a spelling mistake. Where do I report that to shopify?


On this page:

The following blurb has 2 errors:

Test Shops Overview
Test shops are for development purposes only, such as designing a Shopify theme, or building a Shopify app. Test shops are different from affiliate shops, they cannot be upgraded to another Shopify plan to accept payment for orders. If are you opening a Shopify store for a client, you’ll want to create an instead.

Correction 1: Replace comma with period. ” … different from affiliate shops. They…”

Correction 2: Add missing affiliate shop. “You’ll want to create an affiliate shop instead.”

Yay! I hope I improved their website a little.

Anyway, I am creating a test site.

Cool, I am creating a test site.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. So. I am missing a lot of data. I love undertaking things in ignorance. Having no idea how hard something is makes you unafraid to try it.

Hmm. Here’s an idea. Use the shopify interface to document everything you can do with the shopify interface.

I created a new account. So many options. So little time. What am I grateful for this time? I made a test page. It has everything I need to get the ball rolling.

Ok shopify, I love the fact that you have a walkthrough. What do artists want? Artists want an easy way to sell their art and to track their purchases.

The duck song is awesome. http://www.nodwick.com/?p=1527
It s also a nefarious distraction. What shall I do next in my store?

Ok. I want a pinterest-style webstore.

A minimalist store: a store that sells one thing and one thing only. What would such a store need? It would not need a catalog.

So. My stores will specialize in selling one thing. We’ll call it the one-product template. A small bar across the top.

Charlie sheen little house on a prairie.

Ok. How do I build a Liquid template from scratch?


So the first question is how do I render a theme.liquid inside my test store?

Problem: it is difficult to edit shopify themes on my ipad.

Here is an obstical that I have no idea how big it is. Let’s shovel shit. How do I edit on an ipad?

First, shopify’s template editor does not

So. I need to be able to ssh into a remote machine.
How do I upload changed assets to shopify

So it seems that I am not able to edit shopify themes on ipad. How do I edit using the api?

Let’s see if I can develop a custom shopify app that lets me develop with the ipad.
Here’s how to make a shopify app:

That’s not useful. Let’s read about developing apps. http://wiki.shopify.com/Shopify_App_Development#Get_started_learning_how_to_build.2C_promote.2C_and_sell_Shopify_apps.

So, I made a private app to help me automate tasks. https://herman-group3475.myshopify.com/admin/api

An app is just a key. The store owner gives you the key to get into their shop. What you do with it is up to you. I am grateful to Shopify for making it possible to access my store in a ifferent way that the UI. All right, i have made a key.

Hmm. I am confused. When i try to access this url in safari, it accuses me of phishing.


Example URL

Cool. It works. I have made my very first API call. https://apicall@herman-group3475.myshopify.com/admin/themes.json

Ok. Now that I know how to make an api call,

Wht am I grateful for? The information is all here. I just don’t understand it. I don’t quite get what get does.

So i want to create a javascript page that gets info from my shopify account, lets me edit it, and lets me load it to my shopify account again.


The first part is javascript that lets me get stuff from my shopify account. http://www.w3schools.com/ajax/ajax_xmlhttprequest_create.asp


Can I pretty please have the file?

Hmm. Ok. So it appears I can delete nearly everything in my shopify file.

I have one thing to do and one thing only: anonymed.

Build a theme that just shows one product.

What does simple look like?
What is the simplest thing I need?

So I made a shopify store. It is unsellable. Yay.


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