1% of ideas are worthwhile.  This is the other 99%.

Specifically, this is the completely unedited, unorganized, stream-of-conciousness story of how I get shit done.  If you are looking for quality, coherence,  polish, or taste, look elsewhere.  It contains obscene content, because I’m human and it is imposible to cordon off sex into some little domain that that happens only in the bedroom.  Mostly it contains crap.

Imagine you turned on a camera and was watching someone go about their day: every last minute.  Now imagine you tuned in the middle of them sleeping. For other people, i imagine this blog is a lot like watching every toss, turn, fart, snore, breath, bad dream, and sleep-walking nose-pick. It would be supremely boring.   That’s fine.  This blog is for me, not for you.

So why do I make it public?

Because I think bad ideas grow into good ideas.  I think I would to the world a disservice by pretending all of the hard work that goes into making things presentable is hidden from sight.  It takes buttloads of work to get things done, and this is where I do mine.